October 10, 2018

Heat Holders® 10th Anniversary

It’s time to celebrate the joyous occasion of Heat Holders®10th Anniversary!

From appearing in The New York Times to The Ellen DeGeneres show, Heat Holders® has had tremendous success over the past 10 years and has accomplished great milestones. Heat Holders® journey began in 2008, providing customers with our super warm and comfy Original Heat Holders® socks. As love for our socks grew and made our customers lives warmer, our product collection grew as well. Heat Holders® has come a long way from offering just one style of socks! Our sock collection now includes many styles and colors that customers have the pleasure of choosing from. We also developed other warm winter apparel including hatsglovestightsleggings, jackets, thermal underwear and accessories.

We’d like to thank everyone for their continuous love and support for our products! We hope you continue to make your lives warmer with Heat Holders®