Engineered for life, Blueguard® socks are like no other. These socks are designed to last an incredible 46 times longer than standard sports socks. We are so confident about these socks that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee that they will not develop holes!

Creation of Blueguard®

At Drew Brady, we are obsessed with socks! We know how it feels to have your favorite pair of socks die on you – prematurely or not! Hence, we gave ourselves the challenge of making your socks last forever – and while ‘forever’ may be quite long, we have achieved something dangerously close with BlueGuard®.

Durability Meets Comfort

Blueguard’s high strength filament polymers are bound and engineered to create our high strength yarn. This yarn together with the highest expertise in knitting technology has produced a sock we are proud to guarantee for lifetime.

If that was not enough, Blueguard Comfort Plus® further adds arch support, extended heel and full cushion for maximum comfort!


Independent lab-tests show Blueguard® socks endure an amazing 925,000 Max Abrasion Cycles as compared to just 20,000 for standard branded sports socks!